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Sundarban National Park by Manoj TiwariSunderban National Park is located at the Southern tip of West Bengal. The dense forest of Sunderban has a vast range of natural Flora and Fauna. It got its name from one of the mangrove plants known as Sundari. It is the largest Tiger Reserve and National Park in India.Dining Amidst the Mangroves by Juni Bahuguna. A friend of my mother asked her if there was anything special in Sunderbans and if it was worth the visit. My mother simply replied "Oh nothing, there's just water". Her friend went to Kerela instead.Beyond Tiger Tourism by Deblina Roy If you think tigers are all that is there in Sunderban, read this article. Get a glimpse of Sunderban beyond the tigers.The Bengal Tiger - That Magnificant Beast by Madam G Singh Anybody who is fond of wild life cannot but be fascinated by the tiger. It is one animal that fires the imagination of man. The Bengal tiger out of all tiger species is the second largest tiger, next only to the Siberian tiger and has his home in the Sunderbans in India and Bangla Desh.Last Call:To See The Best Of The World by Gautam Destination lovers would you want to miss the last opportunity to see today's beautiful places poised to be degenerated soon?A Few Features That Hinduism And Islam Share Together by Juraj Sipos.The article focuses on what the Hindu and Muslim religions share in Bengal and Bangladesh. In the Sunderbans region, they have a common goddess - Bon Bibi. The article also looks at other aspects that amalgamate the two cultures and brings a little nearer the role of Gazi Pir, a Muslim saint, who is depicted with snakes in his hands. Gazi Pir is greatly respected both by the Hindus and Muslims. Some Hindu websites say that Manasa, the Hindu serpent goddess, converted Gazi Pir to worshiping her

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